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ISO 9001:2015. EN1627 RC3 & RC4. LPS1175 A1, B3, C5.

Alluser Portals - EN 1627
Alluser successfully tested its products for resistance against attacks according to
EN1627-30 European Standards.
Alluser Industrie obtained the
certification ISO 9001:2015.
Today Alluser offers the largest range in the world of LPS1175 approved security portals
(SR1, SR2, SR3).

ISO 9001:2015

In the 2017 Alluser Industrie obtained  the internationally recognised certification ISO 9001:2015.

The “Quality Management Systems” certification has the objective to certify the capability of a company in regularly supplying a product, able to satisfy the customer’s requirements.

Alluser has considered the process to achieve the Certifications as a unique opportunity to make improvements in its own procedures, but also an occasion to motivate and engage the Company team with more efficient internal processes.

ISO 9001 Certification confirms our aim to continuously improve our activity so to be more efficient and meet the needs of our customers more successfully.

To know more, read the Alluser Policy Company.

ISO 9001:2015

Alluser and TUV certification
Alluser and ISO 9001 Certification
Alluser quality Certificate ISO 9001

LPS 1175 A1, B3, C5

LPS1175: Issue 8 certificate establishes, using different tool/tool kits, the time and level of resistance of security portals to prevent entry by unauthorized persons and thus define the safety classification of the tested product.
Our C190 from S1 to S3 has been the first portal in the world to gain approval LPS 1175: Issue 8.

Today we are proud to announce we offer the largest range in the world of LPS1175 approved security portals:

Downlaod our certifications on the RedBookLive webiste.

EN 1627 RC3 & RC4

Alluser offers the broadest range of RC3 & RC4, EN1627-30 Security Portals. 

In fact, with the exception of only 3 models, all of our products are available in RC3 and RC4 Attack Resistant.

RC3 and RC4 Security Portals have been tested for resistance against break-in according to EN1627-30 European Standards.

Portals have been test certified by an Independent EU Test Laboratory and are manufactured in accordance with EN1627-30.