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Alluser Industrie is founded with the aim to design and manifacture quality security products.
Alluser began by manufacturing alluminium window frames for public and private institutions.


Alluser acknolowledged the need for a secure entrance control solution which matched changing conditions of the market.
One of the most innovative integrated systems of security and access control was developed: the Alluser Security Portal.


Today we are proud to be able to supply our quality products to over 40 different countries through a well established network of reliable Distributor.


Alluser continues to work on new advancements in security products and solutions to make the world a safer place.
We continuously apply for new patents to protect these advancements and ensure we remain unique.

Our company


Our mission is providing you with a quality product that matches your needs from both aesthetic and security point of view.
We stand apart from other companies due to our unique approach to ensuring our products offer the highest level of security available whilst still catering for your unique requirements.

* Customization - high - 80% * Made in Italy - 100% - 100%
Our company

Refined Italian Aesthetic Design

Are you looking for a high quality, reliable and solid Security Door all without having to renounce to the aesthetic harmony of your environment? With Alluser Solutions you can.

At Alluser we believe that a secure access portal, built to stop criminals, to absorb blows, and to reject bullets does not mean you have to sacrifice aesthetic design. For this reason, the Alluser Security Doors are subordinated to longitudinal studies, not only technical, but also aesthetic. 
Alluser Research & Development Department developed a high security product presented in an elegant italian design. In other words, installing an Alluser Security Door you will not only have an optimal product from the technological point of view, but you will also give a touch of elegance to your environment. And, of course, it is all Made in Italy!
Our technology

Silent Movements

During the thirty years of experience in the Security Sector, Alluser has continuously improved the mechanical technology of its products.

As a result, the Alluser Secure Portals have an optimal functioning, proven by the silent movements of the system which mean precision, reliability, encouraging the user to trust the product.
* Door Movements - silent - 90% * Reliability - high - 100%
Our company

Safety in the use

At Alluser we consider the Security as a twofold aspect: Entrance Security and User Safety. This is one more sign of distinction of our Security Doors, whose design ensures the safety of the user.

Therefore, the Alluser Security Portals are equipped of:
- motor reduction gears, properly designed to suite the functioning requirement of the Portals, to control the doors speed
- and a mechanism that stops the closing doors in the case something or someone obstructs them.
* User Frienldy - 100% - 100%
  • 100%
Our company


We know that our Security Doors have a high quality standard.

As proof of this, let us tell you that the first Alluser Secure Portal installed in 1979 (39 years ago) is still working today!

* Quality Products - high - 100%
Our company

Innovative future proof design

The Alluser Secure Portals provides you the opportunity to upgrade your secure access portal with our technical innovation over the years.

In this way your Portal will never be an obsolete product.

* Uprgrade Possibilities - available - 70% * Product Obolescence - low - 10%
  • 100%
Our company

Environmental Respect

Alluser thinks the environment is a treasure to be protected, loved and respected.

So our Secure Portals are equipped with direct current motors with low energy consumption.

* Alluser Portal Average Power consumption - 35 watt - 10%

Official Alluser Distributors
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