Alluser Security Doors

Distributor requirements.

Are you interested in distrbuting our security automatic doors in your Country?
Check here below if your Company meets our requirements.

General requirements.

Reliability and professional honesty

Reliability and professional honesty


The will to work in order to promote Alluser products in the agreed Country


The will to accept and sign a Distribution Agreement with Alluser

No Competitors Products

We do not establish any business cooperation with Companies that distribute our Competitors Products.

Techncians requirements.

Mechanical discipline

Some knowledge in Mechanical discipline: placement of portal, levelling, doors kinematics

Electronic discipline

Good knowledge in Electronic discipline: electronic systems (power supply, Motor drivers, logic boards) from a system point of view , but faultfinding of main system components (ability to identify the faulty board-component and substitute is important, meanwhile ability to repair the single board-component is not strictly required), computer system.

English language

Good knowledge of English language (written and spoken).

Distributor tasks.

This is what we expect from our Distributors…
  • Installation of Alluser products
  • Service for call under guarantee
  • Maintenance during the operative life
  • Marketing
  • Customer care


We’ll also ask the Distributor to attend a Technical training Course on our Products.
Usually the Training is hold at Alluser Premises (in Italy): Alluser offers this type of course for free.
All other costs (i.e. flight tickets, travel, taxi, hotels, lunches and so on) are on Distributor’s charge.

However, in some special cases, we can also offer a “Customized training course” (TRAINING COURSE TYPE B). This is a special training course to be held in the Distributor Country, during the installation of the first Portal. This special training course is not free of charge, but has an extra-cost.


Alluser Industrie works with commercial Partner, by proceeding through the following steps:


The Potential Distributor should send to Alluser a quick Company Presentation (i.e. company detalis, web site, general info on products, customers and so on).

Non Disclosure Agreement

In case Alluser see a possibility of business relationship with the company, the Potential Distributor should sign a PDNDA (Potential Distributor Non Disclosure Agreement), to protect any confidential Alluser information that we’ll be share.

Distribution Agreement

The Potential Distributor should sign a standard “Distribution Agreement” which Alluser Industrie always sets up with the other Worldwide Official Distributors.

If you want to become an Official Alluser Distributor, please contact us:

Alluser Industrie Srl
Via dell’Industria, 18
35020 Due Carrare (Padova)
+39 049 911 52 11
+39 049 5290223

Download the leaflet “How to become an Alluser Distributor” here.