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S version - portal with base to be recessed into the floor
recessed installation

Standard Version

Welded Portal Structure with 70 mm floor base. The overall height of the Portal is 2360 mm.
The Portal requires a break into the floor or a small ramp.

portal floorr


Alluser Anti-slip black rubber floor mat is in compliance with EN 13893, and suitable for high traffic use. Fire reaction Certificated Bfls1 in accordance with EN13501-1, it has been tested to be used with every Alluser option and device. Easy to clean.

outer finishings

RAL Colours

You can customize your portal by choosing between a broad range of RAL code colours. The outer finishing effect can be smooth or embossed (i.e. orange peel), depending on your preferences.
It's a spray paint service which we make directly in our factory, where we have a dedicated special painting room. In this way, a speed delivery will be not affected by the colour you want!


Unlocking Device

The cilindrical portals have a special mechanical mechanism which allows to open the Secure door (only) in case a forced opening is required.
Since the mechanism is situated on the secure side and it opens only the secure door, Security is not compromised. 
emergency mechanical mechanism to allow opening of portal

Fail safe door In case of power failure 

Fail secure door

Since Security is the main concept, in case of power failure (also of the emergency battery backup), the non secure door will be closed and locked to avoid any intrusion.



One universal motherboard for all Alluser Portals. A special motherboard designed and developed for Alluser Portals.
Improved in the years, tested since decades, today the Alluser Universal Motherboard is incredibly stable, efficient and easy to manage.
Universal motherboard for all Alluser portals

Infrared presence sensor

Infrared presence sensor

An infrared sensor is located in the ceiling of the Portal and detects the presence of a person inside the Portal.

Control Panel

A multifunction touch sensitive Control Panel which controls your Portal. Thanks to a display, you can simply understand what's going on on your portal and you can change settings and operations easily.
Special intuitive icons have been designed to help everybody to approach the Control Panel and easily learn the functioning in a few minutes.
Control panel which controls your portal

Interior Intercom for Alluser high security portals


One service intercom is integrated on the control panel and another one on the security portal non secure side Traffic Light. 
How it works
Communication is activated when a user pushes the Traffic Light steel button, or when control panel intercom push button is pressed. Non secure side microphone remains active for 30 seconds while control panel microphone remains off. Control panel microphone can be activated at any time by keeping pushed the control panel intercom push button. Communication is automatically switched off after 30 seconds from any push button action.

Traffic light

An elegant, shining, intuitive LED traffic light is installed on every Alluser Portal. Designed only for Alluser, it informs the users on the status of the Portal:
- green led tells the portal is ready for the next access;
- red led informs the Portal cannot be used because busy or switched off.

Traffic lights for Alluser portal

Internal light for portals

Internal light

Inside the Portal, in the internal ceiling, an elegant LED spotlight is installed. The Warm White Led module (3000 K) has a life expectancy up to 50,000 hours (5,7 years @ 24/7), if installed with thermal dissipation (t ≤ 70°C). This spotlight can be : - always switched on (when the Portal is switched on)  - or can be set in the way it switches on automatically only during each transit.

Safety Sensor

To protect user from injury during the movement of the doors, the Portal is provided of some IR Safety Sensors. These sensors recognize an obstacle and so stop the opening/closure of the doors.
Extra Safety Sensor for automatic security door

Fire alarm signal on interlocking door

Fire Alarm signal

The Portal can be connected to the fire alarm by using our Connection Board (optional).

Emergency Battery

Alluser Portals are provided of an Emergency Battery so, in case of power failure, the Portal works supplied by the internal batteries.   When the Portal works with the Emergency Batteries, on the control panel a light and a message inform about this situation. In Battery Mode Alluser security portal can work up to 8 hours in continuous duty.
Emergency battery of security portal in case of power failure